Fire, Ice & Canned Beer

Two friends who are doing civil service flee to the Austrian Alps to escape being forced into the army. While there, one of them rediscovers his past and they realise that it's going to be more fun than they thought.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Rick Kavanian, Axel Stein, Eva Habermann, Christoph M. Ohrt, Jonas Gruber, Andreas Elsholz, Herbert Fux, Thorsten Feller, Imke Brügger, Karl-Heinz Dickmann, Uwe Freyer

Director: Christoph Müller

Country: Germany

Duration: 83 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Feb 21, 2002

Production: H&V Entertainment, Goldkind Filmproduktion

Views: 2.198

IMDb: 4.410 12