The warriors of Black Magician headed by Boar attack a border outpost. They capture prince Izayslav and wound his son Vlastimir. White Wizard saves Vlastimir and White Wizard's daughter Nastya falls in love with the young man. Recovering, Vlastimir plans to save his father. Many adventures await him, Nastya and their rescue party.

Genre: Family, Fantasy

Actor: Pyotr Barancheev, Albert Filozov, Sergey Glushko, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Denis Karasyov, Kristina Prokopovich, Sergey Druzyak

Director: Adel Al-Khadad

Country: Russia

Duration: 90 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Aug 07, 2008

Production: Rakurs

Views: 1.377

IMDb: 110 1