The beginning of the 20th century. The young Nona comes back to her father's farm from Switzerland. She meets colonel Galchev. The officer expresses his love for her. The teacher Yosif who is in love with Nona organizes a revolt of the villagers with no property. Armed villagers rob the farm. Galchev and his soldiers arrive. During the shooting, the colonel is killed. Nona accuses Yosif of Galchev's death. The carriage of Nona's fiancé, who travels from Switzerland to the village, passes by the coffin with Galchev's body. A second after the fiancé enters her house Nona kills herself.

Genre: Drama, Drama

Actor: Stefan Danailov, Nikola Todev, Iossif Surchadzhiev, Иван Иванович, Димитър Миланов, Dorotea Toncheva, Stefan Pejchev, Naum Shopov, Todor Todorov, Vasil Mihajlov, Veljo Goranov

Director: Grisha Ostrovski

Country: Bulgaria

Duration: 84 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 16, 1973


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IMDb: 010 0