Eve Jacobs (Corrine Bohrer) is 39 years old, and her biological clock is threatening to start running down at any moment. Eve wants to have a baby, and has decided the time is now; however, she's not having much luck conceiving, and her husband Adam (Johnathan Penner) has more than a few anxieties about the prospect of becoming a father, especially as he approaches middle age. Eve begins consulting a battery of doctors, hoping someone can help her with her problems conceiving; she also attends meetings of a support group, WOMB (Women On a Mission to have a Baby), whose leader Rachel (Mo Gaffney) encourages desperate women to take desperate measures to have the child they've of which they've been dreaming.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Corinne Bohrer

Director: Bob Weis


Duration: 90 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 10, 1998


Views: 0.805

IMDb: 010 0