Fracchia Against Dracula

Fracchia is desperate: he has to sell a house within three days, or otherwise his boss will fire him. Mister Filini comes to him, but he asks the impossible, a house with at least five bathrooms for a few thousand dollars. Incredibly, they find a house, a castle in Transylvania which happens to be own by a count Vlad... Filini doesn't want to buy the castle without seeing it first, so the two of them travel to Transylvania, where they meet the count and his sister, who has a crush on Fracchia and decides to marry him! Meanwhile, the sister of a vampire hunter who was killed by Dracula is seeking to revenge her brother.

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Actor: Paolo Villaggio, Gigi Reder, Edmund Purdom, Ania Pieroni, Giuseppe Cederna, Isabella Ferrari, Paul Müller, Federica Brion, Susanna Martinková, Romano Puppo, Lars Bloch

Director: Neri Parenti

Country: Italy

Duration: 94 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Dec 20, 1985

Production: Faso Film

Views: 4.407

IMDb: 610 110