Vertigo For A Killer

Jean-Pierre Desagnat's Vertige pour un tueur involves Marc (Marcel Bozzuffi) as a hood hunted down by his boss when he fails to execute a man who happens to be his friend. He is hidden by a woman (Sylva Koscina) whose husband has murdered his business associate and wants Marc to take the rap for the crime. Michel Constantin is the friend targeted for murder. Jean Luciani and Daniel Moosmann also appear in this suspenseful action feature.

Genre: Crime

Actor: Marcel Bozzuffi, Sylva Koscina, Michel Constantin, Marc Cassot, Jacques Castelot, Robert Dalban, Alan Scott, Michel Bedetti, Daniel Moosmann, Michel Peyrelon

Director: André Tabet

Country: France, Italy

Duration: 83 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Aug 05, 1970

Production: Paris-Cannes Productions, Centro Film

Views: 0.6

IMDb: 010 0