Spaces and Reservations

Spaces and Reservations is an intimate and unsparingly realistic relationship drama that tells the story of a young couple being torn apart by malaise and infidelity, and the way the trauma of their breakup brings them back together. Jamie and Kacie have been dating for four years, and are separately beginning to feel the affects of malaise and disconnect. As they drift apart from one another and struggle to bridge the gaps growing between them, Jamie begins to develop feelings for another woman. After precariously flirting with infidelity, Jamie abandons this new pursuit and attempts to salvage his relationship with Kacie, only to discover that she too has fallen for someone else.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actor: Zach White, Taylor Hastings, Jennifer Kobelt, Arianna McGregor, Dayleigh Nelson, Ian McAndrew, Teresa Laverty, Aaron Turner

Director: Brendan Prost

Country: Canada

Duration: 140 min.

Quality: HD

Release: May 21, 2014


Views: 0.994

IMDb: 810 1