The Reincarnation of Sex

Patricia (Patricia Scalvi) lives with her parents in the countryside near São Paulo. She's in love with Artur (Artur Roveder) who works for her parents. Both are very happy and full of plans, but Artur is atrociously killed and Patricia fades away in pain. Years later, the house, seemingly empty, is to let, but Artur's voice and Patricia's ghost remain there. All those who rent the house will suffer their influence and become possessed. Through sex and through violence they will be led to the point of no return.

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Crime, Romance

Actor: Patrícia Scalvi, Arthur Roveder, Roque Rodrigues, Lia Farrel, Célia Santos, Fábio Vilalonga, Ana Maria Kreisler, Lígia de Paula, Roberto Miranda, Emil Grigoletto

Director: Giovanni Boccaccio

Country: Brazil

Duration: 80 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Jan 04, 1982

Production: Cláudio Cunha Produções Cinematográficas, Brasil Internacional Cinematográfica

Views: 1.233

IMDb: 510 1