When Hell Broke Loose

Near the end of the war in Germany, GI Steve Boland, a self-described "sharp-operator", meets a German girl, Ilsa, and they fall in love. Ilsa's brother Karl, whom she has not seen in three years, and his fellow Nazi Ludwig visit Ilsa. Karl proudly informs her that he and Ludwig are "Werewolves", a group of Nazi assassins parachuted behind Allied lines for the purpose of killing Allied High Command officers. She and Steve go to Army Intelligence with their information, where Steve is immediately arrested for being A.W.O.L. Captain Melton of Army G-2 intervenes on Steve's behalf, as G-2 has had a suspicion about the existence of the "Werewolves" but no concrete info before now.

Genre: War, Drama

Actor: Charles Bronson, Richard Jaeckel, Robert Easton, Eddie Foy III, Violet Rensing, Arvid Nelson, Anne Wakefield, Joley Marino, Dennis McCarthy, Robert Stevenson, Kathy Carlyle

Director: Lynn Stalmaster

Country: United States of America

Duration: 78 min.

Quality: HD

Release: Nov 01, 1958

Production: Dolworth Productions

Views: 3.56

IMDb: 6.410 5